Dog Friendly Locations


Barker Lounge at 255 S. Broadway

Roo Bar at 3480 Park Ave. West

Jackson’s Sport Rock at 1520 20th Street

Lancer Lounge at 233 East 7th Avenue Denver

Wynkoop Brewing at 1634 18th Street


Echters Garden and Nurseries at 9170 West 52nd Avenue, Arvada

Liquor Stores

Golden Triangle Liquors at 1147 Broadway


Please let us know if you would like to add to this list – help it grow so we can all support dog friendly locations!

Dog Friendly Locations


    1. Leah Miller says:

      Golden Triangle Liquors on 12th and Broadway allows dogs, and even gives treats out to them! Very friendly

    2. Nikki says:

      Rex Lounge – Under the Park Ave West overpass. Massive, Dog Friendly Patio.
      2936 Fox Street
      Denver, CO 80202

    3. Kathryn says:

      Highland liquor allows dogs – 38th & Tennyson.

    4. Christie says:

      Wash Perk allows doggies on the patio–they even have leash hooks, water bowls and treats!

      Goosetown Tavern will let you have them on the patio and will provide water! We went there after the Mutt Strut with 3 Pyrs and a Bull Mastiff and they couldn’t be more nice!

    5. Mindy Jarvis says:

      Argonaut Liquors loves dogs, it is a great place to go in and practice obedience, everyone there is more than willing to help out! Also, you can take your dog to the BassPro shop/ Outdoor World in Northfield. Another great place to work on manners and obedience!

    6. Mariah says:

      The Matchbox (27th & Larimer) is a great place to hang out with your dog, especially if you go when it’s not too crowded (usually any time other than weekend nights).

    7. Stephanie G. says:

      Uptown Tavern off of 17th has a patio that allows dogs. They even will bring your pooch a water bowl.

    8. Laura S says:

      Amendment XXI liquor store in LoHi (15th and Boulder) allows dogs and hands out treats.

    9. scruffy says:

      Gaia and Kaos on S Pearl love dogs!

    10. Here are two great locations in Denver’s Arts District on Santa Fe that offer owners and their furry friends a fun night out.

      Amazing local brews paired with a pet friendly environment are sure to please! Grab your pup and stop by Renegade Brewery (925 W 9th Ave) for some of Denver’s finest beers alongside a pet-friendly environment!

      Ark Pet Art Gallery (719 W. 8th Ave) offers pet friendly painting and more with their signature Paw Prints & Cocktails Painting classes! All events help raise funds and awareness for local pet related charities as well!

    11. Rosie says:

      Local 46 at Tennyson & 46th allows dogs.
      Hogshead Brewery at Utica & 29th allows dogs.

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Dog Friendly Locations

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