Saying Goodbye

We are officially calling for interest in maintaining Denver DOG as a 501(c)3 organization to promote owners rights in the City of Denver.

Unfortunately after almost four years in operation, the Denver DOG board has decided to disband.  A number of our board members have experienced exciting new life events and are no longer able to serve on the board.   We would love to see this organization continue to thrive, but no longer have the ability to lead it.

This is not the most optimal time for Denver DOG to be struggling for leadership.  Josephine Dog Park will be removed from its current location because of the construction of the new recreation center.  Although this was always part of the plan, the outcome has yet to be determined.  Parks and Rec will have to either move the dog park into City Park or remove it completely.  Many anti-dog park advocates will be speaking up to keep it out of City Park.  If you value a dog park in the Park Hill area, its time to speak up.

Will you say hello?

If you have any interest in becoming a leader in this effort, please email info@denverdog.org.  We would love to pass this infrastructure onto dedicated dog owners to take it to the next level.  If we do not receive a response, we will turn all contributions and membership fees over to a rescue organization in compliance with our bylaws.

Many thanks to all of you for your support and contributions over the past few years.




    1. Lindsey says:

      I would love a dog park at sloans lake! There is so much area and would be a great benefit.

    2. Denver DOG says:

      LOST DOG
      Here is our ad for our lost little guy (who we were fostering), Porter.

      Any help Denver D.O.G. can offer is greatly appreciated.


    3. Julie Wheeless says:

      Fuller Construction- October 5, 2011 – Work did slow down this past week but is expected to resume a fulltime schedule next week. Exterior walk work is almost complete. Interior grading has been completed as well.

    4. Julie Wheeless says:

      Parkfield Dog Park Opening – Another dog park for Denver!

      Thank you for coming to the Parkfield Dog Park opening on Saturday, Oct 15, 2011! Parks & Rec opened the entire new park which has a Rec Center, football/soccer field, playground, a skate park and of course, a dog park. It is amazing! Park is located at 53rd and Chambers. Check out photos of the park which has beautiful hills and BIG TREE in the park on the Denver DOG website. The fenced dog park has water fountain to fill your dog’s bowl, large and small dog area, and natural shade!

    5. Julie Wheeless says:

      Taking the Lead – Responsible Dog Ownership
      Fran Menley is about to publish a book on becoming the leader your dog needs and wants you to be (it will be in Ebook foramt as well). Check out for new articles about training and behavior tips. http://www.takingtheleaddogbehavior.com

      AKC STAR Puppy and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) training classes starting the week of January 9th at Laund Ur Mutt on Ken Caryl and C470 in the Safeway/McDonalds shopping center as well as a Leash Manners clinics Go to http://www.laundurmutt.com for a calendar of events.

    6. Hi,
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      ah.. too late for the meeting. i’ll check this site often for sure

    7. Hi,
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    8. Julie Wheeless says:

      LOWRY DOG PARK IS OPEN!! HAVE FUN!! Remember to leash your dogs in the parking lot to the dog park to keep all dogs safe.

      Please take some photos for us and send them to info@denverdog.org. We will post to them to our website.

    9. Margarette Aranda says:

      Hello all! I’m relocating to Denver in mid-January and am having a VERY tough time finding a rental that accepts Rottweiler’s.

      It’s unfortunate that they’ve gotten such bad press and reputation but my Daisy is not at all aggressive and I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t bring her with me. She’s my companion and I hers!

      Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.

      Thank you!

    10. Denver DOG says:

      There is a great resource on the Denver Dumb Friends League website that can search for pet friendly rentals. Check it out at http://www.ddfl.org/services/pet-friendly-rentals.

    11. Margarette Aranda says:

      Thank you for your reply. I’ve already checked out the website and have a few calls placed for some of the properties.

      Looking forward to becoming a member once I move into town. Thanks again and have a great day.

    12. Nathan Hildreth says:

      The area of DeBoer Park closest to S. Gaylord and Vassar Street is already a dog park… just not officially.
      TO MAP:
      2505 South York Street
      Denver, Colorado 80210

      How do I go about getting petition, or whatever is necessary to get this made into an official dog park.. Everyone from surrounding parks who have received tickets for having their dogs off leash have come to this park. There’s a solid collective group of people who will work to get this done if I could just get some guidance.

      Thank you!

    13. Kristen says:

      Any luck finding a rental that will accept a Rottie? My husband and I will also be relocating to Denver from Baltimore and can’t find a rental for our Rottweiler who happens to be named Denver.


    14. Julie Wheeless says:

      Berkeley park construction is coming along and P&R hopes to start work on the permanent dog park by end of May and hope to complete the work by beginning of July. There might be dog park closures. So check back with us for further details.

      Wondered why part of Lowry dog park is closed? They are planning a future agility area but this area has not be completed. They also planted three native seed areas which are surrounded by fence to give the seed a chance to establish. They hope to remove the fence next spring.

    15. Katie says:

      Hi I’m trying to get some info re: breed restrictions in the Denver area. I’m relocating from PA & have a pit bull. Does the canine good citizen certification ensure I will be able to find housing or do you foresee major problems bc of his breed? Thanks

    16. Denver DOG says:

      Denver and Aurora cities both have pit bull bans in effect and have for years. You might try looking in surrounding towns such as Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Westminister, Centennial, etc. Unfortunately, there does not seem much hope of changing the law in the near future. Here is an article from 2011….

    17. Victoria Cornell says:

      I live in the RUby Hill neighborhood, are there any plans for a dog park in that area?

    18. Julie Wheeless says:

      Closest dog park to Ruby Hill is Railyard dog park
      19th St and Little Raven
      Denver, CO 80202
      Neighborhoods: Highland, Northwest, Lodo

    19. Julie Wheeless says:

      Lowry dog park training this Saturday, July 14 at 9am. Lowry dog park is located on the corner of Sports Blvd and Yosemite Way. Non-members $10 – Member of Denver DOG FREE! (Membership is just $25). Dog Trainer is Fran Menley.
      ◦Review of the dog park rules
      ◦Park manners for both humans and dogs
      ◦Going in and out of the park gates politely and safely
      ◦Walking on a loose leash to the park entrance
      ◦When and how to step in when dogs are playing too roughly
      Hope to see you there!

    20. Sept. 8 & 9 Pet Vaccination Clinics Ensure Pets Are Protected

      Due to a number of recent cases of bats that have tested positive for rabies in Denver, Denver’s Animal Care & Control and Denver Parks and Recreation are teaming up the weekend of Sept 8 and 9 to host extended and added pet vaccination/license clinics to ensure pets are protected from this potentially deadly virus.

      For information regarding the city’s rabies requirement, vaccination or spay/neuter clinics, visitwww.denveranimalshelter.org.

    21. Paul Kaczanowski says:

      Anybody knows when the Berkeley Lake Park off-leash area will be re-open. It’s impossible to find any information on line.
      Sincerely, Paul

    22. Denver DOG says:

      Sorry Paul – we were a little short on information as well. It should now be open for off-leash use.

    23. Paul,
      I understand it is hard to find information related specifically to denver dog parks. That is why we created http://www.dogparksindenver.com. We are trying to create a community to share information regarding these parks for both new owners and long time owners. Keep up the good work Denver Dog!!!

    24. Laurel says:

      I live only a couple of blocks from Zuni Park, a beautiful and under-utilized asset to our neighborhood. Please consider a dogpark – there are many residents who would appreciate this.

    25. Barbara Dray says:

      We are at a breaking point at Berkeley Dog Park, they are threatening to close due to dog waste issues. We the users of the park feel the Denver Parks and Rec are negligible due to insufficient dog waste disposal system. Please visit, like, and share our Facebook page, Friends of Berkeley Dog Park!! We have outlined concerns, solutions, communication with officials, and study of other parks in Denver City limits. Please join us!!

    26. We are at a critical point at the Berkeley Dog Park. A sign was installed last week warning the park will close if proper dog waste disposal does not occur. From the users of the park perspective, Denver Parks and Rec has failed to meet their end of the bargain in installing a proper dog waste disposal system. Visit Friends of Berkeley Dog Park for more information!

    27. I was hoping someone here would have some information regarding dog/owner liability while at a dog park. One of our users of http://www.dogparksindenver.com asked us a question about a situation that happened to them. Their dog was running and ran into another dog owner and that dog owner hurt her knee(but luckily not badly). Their question was whether they are liable for an injury caused by their dog running into someone? Any insight would be great!

    28. Monica says:

      Things seem to have gotten quiet since the Master Plan process stopped. I think Denver needs to keep moving forward by creating more off-leash opportunities in our neighborhoods. Please visit this petition and sign if you want to see Denver move forward!

    29. Catherine Calder says:

      Denver Animal Care & Control Launches Dog Off-Leash Outreach & Education Effort May 15

      Denver’s Leash Law requires dogs to be on a leash and under control of their owner at all times, and is intended to protect the health and safety of both the people and pets that enjoy visiting Denver’s many parks and open areas.

      After June 1, fine enforcement for first offense off-leash violations will resume. The fine for a first offense dog off-leash violation is $80. Second offense is $150, third is $300.

      City ordinance also requires pets six months or older that reside in the city, or visit the city’s dog parks to be licensed and vaccinated. The violation for failing to license your pet is $75 for the first offense, $100 for the second offense, $200 for the third offense.

      Pet licenses are $15 for a one year license, $30 for a three-year license or $150 for a lifetime license. Pet license are available at the shelter at 1241 W. Bayaud Ave., by mail, or online.

      Please visit the Denver Animal Shelter website to access this information.

      Denver Animal Shelter Announces Summer Park Pet Vaccination, License Clinics

      Denver Animal Shelter is helping pet-owners stay in compliance and avoid potential fines by offering a series of pet vaccination and license clinics at local parks. Clinics take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the following locations:

      May 19, Garfield Park- Arizona/Newton
      June 9, Harvey Park- Evans/Tennyson
      June 23, Greenway Park- 22nd/Syracuse
      July 7, Southwest Park- 9200 W. Saratoga
      July 21, Fuller Park- 28th/Williams
      August 4, Sloan’s Lake Park – In front of boat house
      August 18, Barnum Park– In front of the Rec. Center
      Sept. 8, Fred Thomas Park- 2400 Quebec
      The Denver Animal Shelter, located at 1241 W. Bayaud Ave., hosts low cost vaccination clinics at the shelter on Wednesdays from 2pm to 4:30pm and Saturdays from 9:30 am to 12noon.

      $35- includes rabies vaccination, distemper/parvo and a (1) one year license for Denver County residents or out of county residents that use Denver dog parks.
      $55- includes rabies vaccination, distemper/parvo and a (3) three year license for Denver County residents or out of county residents that use Denver dog parks.
      Cats must be in carriers and dogs must be on leashes.
      Microchips are also available for just $25.
      City ordinance requires pets that reside in Denver or visit Denver parks be vaccinated and licensed.
      Please visit the Denver Animal Shelter website for more information.

    30. Terri says:

      Moving from NC. Need a decent house with fenced in yard that will accommodate two people and 4 dogs. Having a very hard time finding a place. We are very responsible people that love our dogs. Any suggestions?

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